Our Story


Why I Got Started?

After making the switch to a plant-based/vegan diet five years ago, I struggled to find any baked goods that actually tasted good. All the treats I was accustomed to having contained dairy. The majority of the vegan baked goods on the market taste awful and fail miserably when it come to texture.

How I Got Started?

I started to research the dairy substitutes used in baking. After testing countless batches using various binding options, including applesauce, chickpeas and chia seeds, nothing seemed to work.

I ditched the dairy substitutes and experimented with the ratios of the core ingredients and was on to something. When I thought I'd finally mastered a really good cookie recipe, I started to test the cookies out amongst friends and family. The feedback was consistent and I knew I was on to something.

I also knew that these cookies needed a great name and it had to be unique. Not too long after I was sitting in a restaurant in Atlanta waiting for my food order and “Can I Kick It” from A Tribe Called Quest was playing. Then the name came to me instantly. “A Cookie Called Quest” flat out explains the Quest to create the best vegan cookie on the market.

Things About Me/A Cookie Called Quest

  • Borrowed mom’s mixer that was sitting around buried under other items found on a Jamaican mom’s countertop.

  • Started A Cookie Called Quest during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Baked over 20,000 cookies and counting!

Business Goals

  • To be the standard vegan cookie brand. The Pillsbury of vegan cookies

  • Standing orders in major retailers 

  • Encourage and teach other entrepreneurs that look like me on how to get their business off the ground